Gaming Diary / 2 – An Unexpected Event

上次提到 Loic Lewellen 和 Zoie Twist 一家三口幸福快樂的過日子。這次就從他們決定搬到郊區的大房子,享受恬淡靜謐說起吧!這是我蓋的第五棟房子嘍!
Last time I mentioned about Loic & Zoie’s happy family days. This time I’ll start with them deciding to move to this big house in suburb to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. This is my fifth build!

It was inspired by an award winning design.

I actually like it a lot! It’s a bit tiring to play in it though, as there are three floors and I often couldn’t find where the family members are. Hah!

A swimming pool at the backyard!

Zoie seems to be very pleased.

Louis’s room is adorable!

Then I couldn’t help building the sixth house.

These two Sims joined the world a lot later. I captured the house with them by accident.

A lovely two-level house.

Bedroom and study room upstairs.

於是就有了新朋友,Suiee Holmes!她是醫生,獨立自主新女性。
New friend: Suiee Holmes! She’s a doctor. Independent new woman.

– Why does this kid keep staring at me?

Suiee 剛搬進城裡時,是 Louis 自己先跑去認識她的。
When Suiee just moved in, Louis was the first one meeting her.

I thought their life will always be tranquil like this, but then I realised I was wrong!

I forgot about the Death!

這天 Suiee 在 Louis 放學後來家裡教他游泳。下班後體力透支的 Loic 不知道為什麼竟然也下水了(我絕對不會承認是我按錯),才下水沒幾秒 …… 死神就現身了!!不!!
One day Suiee was teaching Louis how to swim after he finished school. Loic, who was extremely exhausted, backed home from work, and somehow jumped into the pool as well (I won’t admit I clicked the wrong Sim). Only a few seconds until the Death appeared! NO!!!

– My life was so short ……

手忙腳亂之下,他們也沒機會向死神求情。Loic 就這麼被帶走了,怎麼會這樣啊嗚嗚!
With panic, they didn’t even get a chance to beg him. Loic was eventually taken away. How could this happen?

(The End)








(Umm, okay, it’s not the end. Just I actually was gloomy & guilty for a bit, and didn’t even feel like playing for a week. It was too frightening.)

Let’s build another house to calm myself down.

This is the 7th house. Two-bedroom maisonette.

是蘇苡的隔壁鄰居噢。Suiee’s neighbour next door.

這位單身漢叫 Zeke Laurie,是個警察,熱愛健身,個性憨厚樂天,希望擁有熱鬧的家庭生活。
This single man is Zake Laurie, a policeman, into workout, honest and optimistic, and he wishes a lively family life.

柔依很快地就和透過蘇苡認識的齊克交往了,大概是想藉此淡忘 Loic 吧?不過齊克並不介意,把 Louis 視如己出,陪伴在他們身邊,根本就是個暖男啊!
Zoie quickly started to see Zeke, who she met via Suiee. It seemed that she wanted to stop thinking about Lois all the time? Zeke didn’t mind though. He sees Louis as his own, and spent a lot of time with them. He’s such a keeper!

Poor Louis has been depressed.

這天柔依邀請 Suiee 和 Zeke 到家裡吃飯,做了一道香噴噴的烤雞。你沒看錯,柔依懷孕了!
One day Zoie invited Suiee & Zeke over for dinner. She made a delicious roast chicken. Yes, you see it right. Zoie was pregnant!

– You seem happier nowadays!
– Yea, thank you for being there for me!

好溫馨噢!How lovely!

– Thanks, doctor!
– Er you’re welcome! (How did she get so energetic right after giving birth?)

I wish I could give birth without pain.

是個女兒,叫 Rubie Twist
It’s a daughter, and she’s named Rubie Twist!

Time flies. Children grow bigger. Louis is now almost like an adult!

Peaceful life at the massive house.

Louise’s room is not childish anymore.

– Dad, I decided to follow your suggestion. I won’t study hard anymore!

He has done pretty badly after entering high school.

Rubie’s room is a little bit mature, but with childishness.

Rubie often stays over night at her Dad’s. Eh, yes, Zeke still lives on his own, because Zoie couldn’t give any commitment yet.

– You’re a good boy. Daddy’s pleased.
– (Heart)

Loic 的靈魂不時會現身,給予妻子和兒子安慰,但是這天他告知將不再出現,希望他們能好好過日子,珍惜擁有的一切。(路易的表情好像真的可以釋懷了。)
Loic’s spirit showed up from time to time, which comforted his wife and son. One day, he told them that he won’t appear anymore, and he hopes that they will go on with their lives and appreciate things they have. (Louis expression looked like he could actually let go.)

Finally, the day came. Zoie held on to Zeke’s hand.

啊~太感人啦!齊克有名份了哈哈(只是怎麼又生病啦?)!好久不見的 Maisie 和 James 也特地趕來,在柔依身邊祝福!
Oh ~ how touching! Zeke eventually got the commitment (Why was he ill again though?)! Maisie and James were there to give them the warmest wishes too!


(To be continued)


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